Le Radeau de la Méduse - Excursion 5,      inflatables  gonflables

monumental project : LOVE IS COMING

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one"  Benjamin Franklin

The "LOVE IS COMING" Project, in action :
This 37 feet long steel and aluminum project is benefiting from a Region Poitou-Charentes grant

Big Red Kiss


History Repeating


I Have A Dream                                                                                                          I Still Have A Dream


More Human Than Human

Follow The White Rabbit

Cheat - Mickeynocchio 

Le La Plonge Plug Présidentiel    ( The Do The Wash Up Presidential Plug )

"Tout doit disparaître" 

"Pay now, Buy later" 


Love is Coming - Vanité au renardeau                                                                                                                   Saint Sébastien


Because you are worth it  (The L'Oréal dwarf)

Connected People (The Nokia dwarves)

La Clairière 2  (Dwarfs on Stilts - a tribute to Giacometti)


L'enlèvement des Sabines Project I                                                                                                                                                           L'enlèvement des Sabines Project I  (detail)

Black Coke Down

 Cheat - Big Coke Texas Style - 350 cm (12 feet)             inside studio                             in Hitler's palace in Poznan...


"Remains of the day 12 15 2011, a tribute to Raushenberg"                                                


Excavation - "Nazi Milf, a tribute to General Idea"                                                                               

Excavation - Head N°1

Egyptian Box - Damien Hirst Vs Maurizio Cattelan

Egyptian Box - Damien Hirst Vs Jeff Koons

Excavation - The warriors of Hu

Excavation - Smileys revanchards ( smileys à la francisque)

Excavation - Smiley revanchard : rotten apples

Securing Twat builing N°1


"Free at last, Just like home" 

Silver Kiss, polyester and aluminum chrom, 2ft tall


Bling Bling Parade - France

The Next Coup Won't Be Televised (NCWBT) - Why Fight The Press, Own The Press

Venus at Her Mirror  (la toilette de Venus)                                                                         The Picnic (le déjeuner sur l'herbe)


Maid Ready N°2                                                    

Study for a War On Terror Memorial was first exibited in CAN NYC' "En Plein View : French Artists in New York" in 2007